To hell with helvetica

To hell with helvetica

on Oct 22, 12
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VOLTAGE Advertising and Design is excited to announce a new side project – www.typefreak.com – a resource fro type addicts across the globe and an outlet for our indie type house built to feed the type-freak in all of us. Here we believe that the art within a typeface is predicated upon the artist that created it, emerging from each designer’s distinctive vision and one-of-a-kind scrawl.

With this in mind, we secretly scour the globe to solicit unique typeface designs from some of the top artists, illustrators, designers, musicians, and even mathematicians.  Each font features truly unique characters by  unique characters.

Our fonts can be purchased individually, one by one, or in a simple 12 step program. If you’re a type-freak and you know it (someone who craves the purchase and use of new fonts & lettering on a frequent basis) then our subscription plan will feed the need. A new font every month by a new and unique artist. Sign up and  get 12 fonts and your choice of Type-freak t-shirt for only $180. ($15/font) not bad to keep the addiction rolling!  Plus, we’ve got  apparel, prints and more in store for those who wish to remain modest admirers.

So wether you’re looking to support a favorite artist, or feeling inspired to break free from the Helvetica rut, we’ve got your back, type freak. We’ve got your back.

“There are many who believe that type should be readable, not remarkable. We respectfully disagree.”

Kern la revolution

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